Please choose from the following options in order to redeem your warranty:

* If your iron has malfunctioned within 30 days of purchase, please follow the MAIL IN option. The $20.00 USD service fee is waived.
  You may also return to the original location of purchase to service your warranty immediately.


In order to redeem your warranty online you will need to upload a picture of the actual product (please make sure the we can see the entire product and that the SOLEIL logo is visible). By choosing the online option you do NOT need to mail in the defective item. Once your request is accepted, you will receive a coupon code within 72 business hours. The code is redeemable on our online store. The fee for this option is $29.99 USD payable at the time of redemption.

To claim your warranty please enter your email address below:

Please fill out the following form and upload your proof of purchase:

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name



Product Serial Number

Purchase Date

Brief Explanation of Malfunction

Upload Product Picture

Note: Only JPEG/JFIF formats allowed.
Picture should show the entire product.
The SOLEIL logo must be visible.
Mail in

In order to redeem your warranty by mail please send the following (you do NOT need to send the product with the original box):

  • A. The damaged product.
  • B. Completed warranty form. If you don’t have a warranty form, please click here.
  • C. Copy of the original receipt, or bank statement, as proof of purchase (if you do not have either and it is a SOLEIL product we will still honor the warranty).
  • D. $20.00 USD service fee (check or money order).

* No products will be replaced without this payment attached (unless purchased within 30 days - must present proof of purchase)

* For redemptions from Canada, Hawaii, or Mexico, please send a $25.00 USD service fee.

* For other international redemptions, please send $40.00 USD.

Please allow between 7-14 business days to receive and process your claim.

Please send the above to:

Soleil Hair Tools
Warranty Department
6701 Odessa Ave
Van Nuys, CA


Soleil cannot guarantee the quality of products sold by non-authorized retailers. Purchasing Soleil products from online sites not legitimately representing Soleil products forfeits this warranty. This includes non-authorized retailers on Amazon.

The warranty program does not cover shipping out of the Mainland U.S. For redemptions from Canada, Hawaii or Mexico please send $25.00 USD service fee. For any other internationals shipments, please send $34.99 USD.

Soleil is aware of non-authorized parties selling potentially counterfeit Soleil products on Amazon. This communication is to serve notice to our valued customers, retailers and distributors that Soleil is aware of this issue and actively working to resolve the issues. Please note that Soleil will NOT honor the warranty for any products sold on Amazon by non-authorized retailers.