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Basic Flat Iron

  • 100% solid ceramic magnetized plates
  • Heats up to 450°F
  • Far infrared & ionic technology
  • Floating plates to customize style
  • Temperature control
  • Dual voltage (110V/240V)
  • 360° swivel cord

Weight: 1 LBS


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  1. I just purchased this flat iron a few days ago, and I must say it is INCREDIBLE!! I love the cool tip which helps me curl my hair without getting my fingers burned. Highly recommend it!!

  2. Omg i love this flat iron, im happy i got it. worth any dollar.

  3. I love it it gets my hair straight and I like the curls to

  4. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was to told that this flat iron could be used on wet hair, is it true?

    • Dear Sandra,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Our professional recommendation, for getting the best results with the flat iron or the heat brush is to use them on completely dry hair.

  6. its the best flat iron i used ever

  7. The iron of my dreams. The best I’ve used lovely it much. It straightens my natural hair perfect with one stroke.

  8. Incredible!! So glad I bought this product.

  9. SO great, takes me about 5 mins to get my hair straightened!!

  10. I got my new Soleil on Expo women show and I`m in love. I had Chi before and it took me over 30 min to get my hair done, now I spend less than 10 min and I get so many compliments. Best purchase ever 🙂

  11. Love this flat iron. It has kept my hair straight, with no frizz later, unlike other expensive flat irons. Used it on my daughter’s hair and it was amazing. She has thick corse hair and her hair has remained straight, with no frizz, for a few days now. With my other flat iron, I would have to redo her hair, daily, to get the same effect. This was true test to me that this was worth every penny I spent on it.

  12. Best flat iron i have ever used! Even makes my hair shine. I cant have heat on hottest but do not need!!!!if you curl, the curls sta in til next wash

  13. ijust got it few day ago and I have to say its steams my hair and make t softttt

  14. Love it!!!

  15. Hello, i bought this flat iron but i don’t really no how i can use it… When the red light is up it means that is on? And when can we know that the flat iron is ready like it’s hot? Thanks

    • Dear MTiti,

      When the red light turn on with the green light together- it’s wormed
      than when the green light stop turn and the red light is turn alone – it means that is ready for use.

  16. Best flat iron i have ever used , use it to work and all my clients ask me where to get it , the curls stay for 2-3 im pretty impressed

  17. Hello i would like to ask you when i use the flat iron once a day it can burn my hair ?

  18. Is there an automatic shut off on the straightener?

  19. I bought one in mall and i absolutely told them I wasn’t purchasing anything after they offered to use my hair as a sample and guess what I did??? Bought it!!!!! I love it!!!!


  21. Amazing product

  22. I love this flat iron! This flat iron has done wonders for my dry, coarse hair. I’m glad I made the decision to spend more to purchase this amazing product.

  23. Just bought a flat iron and so far I LOVE it. I curled my hair with it and it looks great!

  24. I went to the mall and bought this. And I absolutely love it!! But I have a question, if I use this everyday will it burn my hair? Do I need to put heat protection on my hair when I’m using this iron? Please respond

  25. This flat iron is amazing. It’s weird that this flat iron is 350 dollars on here and i paid 55 dollar at a mall kiosks.

  26. Love it

  27. this is the second one i owned. the first one was starting to act up and wont heat up properly after 3.5 years of almost daily use.
    i bought a new one just over 2 weeks ago. i love that it heats up fast. i can easily and quickly straighten, smooth out and curls my fine hair ……. best of all this one comes with a lifetime warranty.

  28. I purchased mine over a month ago. Gave it some time to really work it before writing a review and I have to say it is amazing! My hair is so straight from natural tight curls and so soft I love it! Thank you Adi Orit for showing me this product at the Garden convention in Orlando on Feb 9th! Changed my life!

  29. I didn’t realize a flat iron this good even existed! I thought it was just my hair and my poor inability to use my old flat iron properly. I’m so glad I stopped to ask at the Bridal Expo how much these cost. They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny!

  30. I love it but every time I use it after my hair cools down it goes from pin straight to wavy.

  31. My hair is so smooth and silky. I love this iron so far. A question that I have is, I use a heat protector on my hair that is sort of oily. I see in the comments above to use a heat protector and allow the hair to dry, but an oil based heat protector never dries. Is it okay to still use this type of heat protectant. I’m wondering if the iron will lose it’s effectiveness due to the oil.

  32. I want to start by congratulating you for having the best representatives who demonstrate your products at your locations. To be exact I went to Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA For some shopping, this polite gentleman named Luigi approach me and my daughter by calling us twins I laughed so hard he asked me a couple of questions, long story short I end buying two of your wonderful and magical ceramic flatirons, a big ionic brush and the mini brush for back up as he said this guy make me feel like a different woman and I don’t regret such a great investment . Thank you Luigi, go visit him you will never regret it. 🙂

  33. Got this at the Memorial city mall. I was told they have other locations on Galleria Mall, I absolutely loved it!! Been having it for 2 months now 🙂 all the ladies that work here are very kind and helpful, plus I get to have my hair done when I need it and they don’t even ask me for money just because I’m a costumer!!! I love how the curls last on my till I wash it again. My hair is fine and it’s very hard for me to keep curls and not get freezy with the humidity here in Houston! I loved it!!! i recommend 100%%

  34. I’m not the type of person to spend hours on my hair and I was looking for the most minimal effort possible to take care of my hair and make it look put together. I went to the mall planning on just asking a few questions and ended up buying this straightener! It worked fast and easily and I loved the cool tip. She curled my hair with the straightener and told me to break the curls with water and they wouldn’t break! I got it for $100 and I think that’s a decent price. Definitely worth it imo but id never pay over $150 for a hair tool.

  35. I was told its lazer and I love it.

  36. Its amazing. Highly recommended.

  37. This is the best hair straightener i have ever bought . i highly recommend this line and the serum makes my hair even more healthy look .
    If you guys ever stop at mall of america in Minnesota give it a shot stop with edgar great personality and super informative .

  38. worth every single penny 🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. (verified owner)

    I love this iron! It makes my hair feel so nice and I can use it to curl my hair as well.

  40. I’ve used this already and it’s incredible. With the hair serum yassss. I can’t stop running my fingers through my hair. I got it from Leon, in a mall. So helpful and so nice! 🙂 First time using this product.

  41. I purchased the pink flat iron as well as the pink ceramic straightening brush. These are miracle products!!! It took me HALF the time to straighten my hair AND there was no damage from the heat. Best investment I’ve ever made!!!

  42. This isn’t much of a review, but this is a really good flat iron. The employees were very kind to me. But, I do have one question. What do the green and red lights mean? Also, what is a good temperature to have my hair very straight? (My hair is long and thick).

  43. I just bought this the other day, and I love it!
    Is it safe to use on wet hair though?

  44. i love this flat iron !!!!!!!!
    its the best one I ever hed!!!

  45. I wasn’t going to buy this flat iron because I thought it was to expensive what changed my mind was how straight it got my hair and I love how it curls your hair I’m so glad I purchase one I love it .its worth the money this is the best flat iron I’ve used.I purchase from Concord mall NC

  46. I Love it😍😍😍😍😍

  47. Great flat iron. Purchased it in Vegas, tried it yesterday for the first time, received so many compliments at work!

  48. It’s Amazing 😍 The best one I never had 🙋🏻‍♀️

  49. 1. How long does it take to heat to 450?

    2. How can I ensure the effect will last until the next wash?

    • 1. Up to 2 minutes.
      2. The combination of the tool with the proper hair care products.

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