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Super Comb20.00

Heat resistant and anti – static.

Superior strength and flexibility.

Weight: 0.2 LBS

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1 review for Super Comb

  1. connie

    I used the comb on my very thick but very fine curly hair. I have a lot of thin hair. I sectioned it and combed through it ( did not use any heat at all) It looked so smooth and uniform as if I had blow dried it an set it. Oddly, right after I tried it for the first time my daughters puppy chewed it up!! I got it when I purchased extensions at the mall ( while I have a ton of my own hair- I bought to drape in some height where I need it) I have had this comb for over a year but first tried it yesterday!!! Loved it– but need to buy a new one thanks to the pup.

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