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Round Blower Brush300.00

✔️All-in-One: A perfect combination of hairdryer and round brush
✔️Advanced technology for quick and professional styling.
✔️Less frizz for shiny and healthy looking hair
✔️Gives volume at the hairline
✔️Easy to use and comfortable to hold


Delivery time: 2-3 working days within Germany



✔️1000W power DC motor

✔️Dries hair when straightening

✔️Lightweight design

✔️Two-gear setting

✔️Air dry function



2 reviews for Round Blower Brush

  1. Lilly

    Love it!!! My hair looks professionally done!!!

  2. Patricia Bustin

    It’s amazing, My hair looks great and It’s so much easier now.
    Worth the money , I Love It !!!

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