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Moroccan Hair Serum60.00

Soleil organic replenishing Moroccan Serum has a unique formula that saves half the styling time while providing ultimate smoothness hair manageability and minimizes frizz while keeping your hair silky soft.



On damp hair, apply a small amount of Soleil Moroccan Hair Serum directly to hair.  If straightening or blow-drying, apply the serum afterwards to seal split ends and replenish the hair. Recommended to use after every heat application to hair.


Weight: 0.12 LBS
Vol: 2.03 fl oz. / 60 ml





Consists of:
Jojoba Oil – Rich in antioxidants for strengthening and repairing.
Vitamin E – Moisturizes and replenishes essential nutrients lost from heat damage.
OMEGA 3 & 9 – Prevents split ends and protects from harmful UV and excessive heat from hair tools.

D-Panthenol Silicone, DC-1401, DC-1403, DC-345; Jojoba Oil Citric Acid; Silk Protein; Sovent Perfume.

2 reviews for Moroccan Hair Serum

  1. Michele Dunlap

    Got this from MALL OF AMERICA for 25.00. I love this product. But, 115.00 is way to much for me.

  2. shauna

    I have tried so many hair product and this one is by far….the best. My hair is amazing with this serum however it is very hard to find and $115. US is a lot of money. Hope to find it in Canada!

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