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Moroccan Conditioner25.00

Soleil organic replenishing Moroccan Conditioner restores strength, luster and nourishment to abused hair.

Our special formula hydrates, renews and repair the damages from excessive heat and harmful chemicals.

Weight: 0.33 LBS


3 reviews for Moroccan Conditioner

  1. Crystal

    I’m in love !!!!! Best shampoo and conditioner left my hair super soft and shiny I couldn’t stop touching it !!!

  2. Lulu

    This conditioner and the shampoo are literally the best I’ve used. After one use, my hair is AMAZINGLY shiny and soft to touch. Yes it’s a bit pricy but 100% recommend !!

  3. Marissa Gonzales

    Absolutely love this product. Haven’t tried the shampoo just the conditioner but it’s time I come back to get more! The company definitely need them in larger bottles!

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