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Metallic/Rubberized Flat Iron350.00


  • 100% Solid ceramic magnetized plates
  • Heat up to 450°F
  • Far infrared & ionic technology
  • Floating plates to customize style
  • Temperature control
  • Dual voltage (110V/240V)
  • 360° swivel cord

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31 reviews for Metallic/Rubberized Flat Iron

  1. Joi

    I have been searching for a flat iron that makes my hair silky, straight and no frizz. This is the iron of my dreams! I love it!!

  2. ERENDIRA tamayo

    I love it! It’s unbelievable how it makes your curls stay all day long

  3. Kristina

    I am really happy with this product. It is a little pricey, but worth every penny. I can never find a flat iron that straightens my hair with one pass and this one does. I also love that it can curl too. Very happy customer.

  4. Connie

    Best Flat Iron ever!

  5. Hana

    I love this flat iron!! Worth every penny!

  6. Sara

    Totally in love with that Product, Fair infrared was life changing for me , thanks for stopping me guys!!! I will definitely recommend it to all my friends and family!!! Aloha!!

  7. Audrey

    I went to the Houston memorial mall and got it for 180 dollars it curls your hair so easily and I have wavy hair so I can curl and straighten I love this iron

  8. Sabrina


  9. Ashley

    Love that i can straighten or curl with the same tool. Especially since I could never manage a good curl and now I can!!!

  10. Kayla

    This straightener is awesome. I went to King of Prussia mall and got it for $170 plus a bunch of other things too! My hair was curly and she did one stroke and it was completely straight and so soft! Would definitely recommend because it is so much better for your hair!

  11. Laura

    Awesome straightener, worth the extra money ?

  12. Olicar

    I just bought today this flat iron in color metallic red.. I forgot to ask the seller, what is the recommended temp. To get the best result using this flat iron. ????? Anyways i bought it in the mall here in toronto, she did the sample. For me i didnt bought it yet, when i came home i compare side by side the hir that she iron using soleil flat iron and the one i always use.. They have a big difference.. This falt iron is amazing stay the curl that she did for up to 3 days and its not frizzy at all looks so healthy and shiny while the one that i have after a day when i woke up my fingers stuck in bet. Hair because its frizzy already…. After 3 days i went back and bought it. Amazing flat iron.. Probably my HoLy Grail Flat iron… And i bought the serum OMG it did wonders in my hair such an amazing product as well.

  13. Bridjit

    Went to the university park mall and got this exact straightener for 80$ its great

  14. Emma G

    I got both the basic straightener and the heated brush… I think both are awesome to use and the colors are pretty too, i love how the curls stay in as well as straight. If anyone is looking for something that will Curl/ straighten your hair without damaging it go with these products.

  15. Danni Christophorou

    I have a Halo and my older daughter has a GHD when we were in Hawaii we tried the Soleil, it is amazing so much better than my GHD and the Halo I never thought I would use another product, Danielo also used it on my teenage daughter who has curly hair. Sold ? !! Very happy

  16. Rúna Björk

    I’m in love with this straightner. My hair is so smooth and shiny.

  17. Jen F

    Love this product and I am not good with flat irons. Is there a tutorial for how to curl? It’s not intuitive for me.

  18. Jasmine

    This flat iron is amazing but super expensive! For those of y’all on a budget like me, I purchased it for $95 AT A MALL KIOSK. Check out your local mall and see if they have it! I promise you it’s worth it.

  19. Liz

    Got it at the mall for 80 plus shampoo and conditioner

  20. Vallerie B Florez (verified owner)

    Soleil products and the customer service are AMAZING! I highly recommend Soleil flat iron and Soleil brush blowdryer and Soleil hair oils and Soleil hair mask. I luv it all!

  21. kayla

    Went to dufferin mall today not expecting to walk out with this amazing gift for myself!
    I was reluctant at first, because of my past history with straightners and the cost itself.
    Once she started straighting my hair I was in instant love! I have super long hair with alot of curl to it and with one stroke it was amazing straight- even tossing a bit of water on my hair after and it was still the same. The customer service was great! Best investment!

  22. Diane Goodman

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ BEST EVER…

  23. Vee

    The fact that my hair can get wet and the curls stay is a hands down game changer of life!
    This product is actually amazing and there really are no words.

  24. Brianna

    I bought it at mall of Columbia. Brock is amazing . I love the turbo flat iron . My hair game is back.i love it so much yayyyy

  25. carmen rosa

    i bought it at mall of america and love it

  26. sandy

    got a limited edition flat iron! it had pineapples and it’s beautiful! but i have a question, does it need heat protectant oil or spray so it wont damage ur hair?

  27. Wendy

    I bought mine in Greenville. It’s by far the best flat iron I have ever used! I love it!

  28. Oyata Nixon

    As a single mom of three. I simply do not have the time to do my hair because normally it would take me hours to get all my hair straightened or curled. When I sat down in the chair; IT ONLY TOOK 25-30mins and I was done!!! And madly in love. INVEST IN YOUR HAIR- YOU WEAR IT EVERYDAY!

  29. Yumiko Epstein

    My hair is soooo……. SOLEIL NOW !!! I am hooked up to this straightener !!!
    When they demonstrated it at the mall I almost couldn’t believe how straight my hair was with only one stroke, and the shininess of my hair after it opens up the hair pore and it releases its natural oils making it so soft and manageable; hands down the best straightener I have ever bought.

  30. Jennifer

    I bought this iron a couple of weeks ago. I wish it had instructions. What temp should I have it on? Should I use heat protectant? If so what type?

  31. morris epstein

    love it even tough im bald

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