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IR2 Ionic Infrared Hair Straightener500.00 300.00

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Soleils IR 2 Glätteisen mit MCH-Technologie ist schnell zu heizen und energiesparend und sorgt für sofortiges Aufheizen und Wärmerückgewinnung. Die hohe Temperatur und die gleichmäßige Hitze erfordern nur einen Durchgang, um Ihr Haar zu glätten und zu stylen. Genießen Sie, wie Soleils IR Plus Glätteisen leicht durch Ihr Haar gleitet und es glatt, seidig und gesund macht.

  • Roségold gefertigte Titanium Flexible Platten
  • Infrarot-Technologie / MCH-Technologie
  • Erhitzt in weniger als 5 Sek. bis zu 230 °C /
  • Digitale Temperatursteuerung
  • Automatische Abschaltung
  • 360 ° drehbares Kabel / Doppelspannung (110 V / 240 V)






Dryness and frizz are caused by positive ions in the hair. Soleil’s IR 2 straightening iron releases a large amount of negative ions, neutralizes the positive ions and reduces the amount of frizz and static. The ionic heat from Soleil’s IR 2 straightening irons dissipates the water molecules in your hair and breaks them down into smaller droplets that are absorbed by the hair. The moisture is then trapped in the hair cuticle, creating a protective barrier and reducing the build-up of chemicals and bacteria. Our ionic technology balances the properties of each strand of hair, sealing and smoothing the hair surface and transforming your dull, dry hair into smooth, shiny, beautiful curls.


With the IR 2 straightening iron from Soleil, no direct heat is supplied to your hair, which prevents heat damage. Our infrared technology generates penetrating heat deep into the hair cuticle, heats up from the inside out and protects the outer layer of hair. Your hair is heated evenly and gently in half the time, reducing exposure to heat and damage.


Soleil’s IR 2 straightening iron with MCH technology is quick to heat and saves energy and ensures immediate heating and heat recovery. The high temperature and even heat require only one pass to straighten and style your hair. Enjoy how Soleil’s IR Plus straightener easily glides through your hair, making it smooth, silky and healthy.


Easy to use digital control of power and temperature levels with a digital display of the currently active temperature.


A 3 meter cord with a swivel mechanism ensures that your styling process goes smoothly without the cables becoming tangled.


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