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IR2 Deluxe Gift Set500.00

We give every IR2 styler Trio Hair Oil – for a luxurious hair finish.

Our IR2 Ionic Infrared Straight Styler is our gentlest and most luxurious variant for taming sensitive hair.

It heats up from 0 to 230 ° C in less than 5 seconds. For you this means: Your sleek look is ready to go in seconds!

-The titanium plates in rose gold adapt flexibly to your hair.
-The latest infrared technology / metal-ceramic technology protects your hair structure
-The temperature is controlled digitally and switches off automatically.
-With its 360 degree rotatable cable (for double voltage (110 V / 240 V), the styler is particularly easy to use.
-Delivery time: 2-3 working days within Germany

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The infrared technology smooths gently and without heat.

With the IR 2 Straight Styler from Soleil, no direct heat is applied to your hair in order to avoid heat damage. With infrared technology, the heat penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and warms it up from the inside out. This protects the outer layer of hair and your hair heats up gently and evenly in half the time.

The metal-ceramic heater saves you energy and time

The Soleil IR 2 smooth styler with metal-ceramic technology heats up quickly and saves energy and recovers the heat. The high temperature and even heat straighten your hair in just one pass. The Soleil IR 2 Styler glides gently through your hair, making it smooth, silky and healthy.

The digital control makes your styling easy and safe.

The respective performance and temperature level is displayed digitally. If you do not use the device for a while, it switches off automatically.

The rotating cable prevents unnecessary winding and twisting

A 3-meter cord with a swivel mechanism ensures that your styling process runs smoothly and that the cord does not become tangled


The ionic generator seals the hair with a healthy shine

Dryness and frizz are caused by positive ions in the hair. The IR 2 Glatt-Styler from Soleil releases a large amount of negative ions, neutralizes the positive ions and reduces the amount of frizz and static.

The ionic heat of the Soleil IR 2 Glatt-Styler dissipates the water molecules in your hair and breaks them down into smaller droplets that are absorbed by the hair. The moisture is then trapped in the hair cuticle. This creates a protective barrier that reduces the build-up of chemicals and bacteria.

Our ionic technology adapts to the properties of each strand of hair, sealing and smoothing the hair surface and making dull, dry hair smooth, shiny and beautiful.


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