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Ceramic Styler Gift Set300.00

Soleils Ceramic Straightener: conjures up a silky, smooth head of hair from frizzy and curly hair.
We give you two practical styling aids with every Ceramic Styler.

✔️The Soleil Ceramic Straight Styler with plates made of 100% ceramic ensure gentle styling and silky soft hair.
✔️ even tames wild curls and thick hair in one go.
✔️Less frizz for shiny and healthy looking hair
✔️Maintains smoothness and shine until the next hair wash.
✔️adjustable temperature between 80 ° C and 230 ° C

Delivery time: 2-3 working days within Germany

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  • Temperature Control – Heats up to 230 ° C / 450 F
  • 100% solid magnetized ceramic plates
  • Far infrared and ion technology
  • Floating panels to match the style
  • 360 ° swivel cord
  • Double voltage (110V / 240V)


This dynamic styling tool consists of 100% solid ceramic plates that distribute the heat evenly across the straightening iron. Even heat distribution eliminates harmful hot spots and straightens hair in a single pass.

This hair styling tool also uses FAR infrared technology, a form of heat that repairs broken cuticles and results in softer, healthier and shinier hair.

Whether you fancy stunning straight hair, glamorous curls, or natural waves, the floating plates allow you to do all three styles with a single tool.

With the temperature control you can adjust the heat to your comfort level.

Styling your hair just got easier!


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