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Soleil helps you get the most out of your hair and create beautiful styles.

From hair styling tools to hair care products, Soleil has it all. You can rest assured that we bring you only the finest products to help you maintain your beauty.

After the curling iron was recommended and demonstrated to me several times at trade fairs, I finally decided to get i. It heats up really quickly, creates beautiful curls that I can still see the next day without having to use hairspray and, unlike many other curling irons, my hair is not so dry & brittle afterwards! I can only recommend him.

I love it! It dries the hair very quickly and easily. At first I was scared because the round brush is very thick, but when you use it you realize that it has to be like this to get nice volume in your hair. My hair looks healthy and full of volume after blow drying

Works and saves an incredible amount of time. I’ve had the feeling for a long time that I could do more with my hair – but then I’m too lazy to spend half an hour with my hair every morning. With this hair straightener, I kill two birds with one stone: The hair is brushed and reliably straightened at the same time… very easy. I’m excited! Value for money is definitely right here