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About Us

Soleil helps you get the most out of your hair and create beautiful styles.

From hair styling tools to hair care products, Soleil has it all. You can rest assured that we bring you only the finest products to help you maintain your beauty.

Flat Iron

Flat Iron

Innovative straightening iron with infrared technology for hair without heat damage

For shiny straight hair and fantastic curl styles

Curling Iron

Curling Iron

For quick, long-lasting curl styles, even without hairspray

Revolutionary technology with ceramic heating element and infrared heat

Clip-free system for easy, uncomplicated handling

Hot Brushes

Hot Brushes

Advanced technology for fast and professional styling.

Less frizz for shiny and healthy looking hair

Easy to use and comfortable in the hand


07.04 – 10.04.2022

HALL 5.2

Come visit us!

7 – 10 April 2022


Messegelände Köln
Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln

Opening Hours:

Do – So:  9:00 – 18:00 Uhr


Which hair styler suits my needs?

Not sure which hair styler/ hair care is right for you?

We are happy to advise you.


With Soleil Hair Tools you can style your hair as you wish.

The infrared technology smoothes gently and without heat.

With the Soleil IR + Straightener, no direct heat is applied to your hair to prevent heat damage. With infrared technology, the heat penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and warms it from the inside out. This protects the outer layer of hair and heats your hair gently and evenly in half the time.

Styling Comb

Just a minute for morning styling? With Soleil’s Hot Styling Comb you’re faster: it becomes smooth and shiny, simply by combing through. Soft and supple your hair brings new shine in the morning that lasts until the evening. Styling has never been so fast!

Blowout Brush

If you have big plans, you have to style yourself big: With the Soleil Volume brush, you can pump up your hair to an impressive size in just a few seconds. With one tool and one movement: You dry your hair while brushing and blow as much volume into your style as it suits your next big appearance!

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